Thoughts and reflections on writing, directing, producing, and starring in my first short film.

I’m making a movie. I keep reminding myself of that. It’s been years in the making, and I finally managed to get it together. A short movie, but a movie nonetheless. I’m going to bring a piece of art from concept to completion and into the world. No matter what, that’s pretty cool.

Day 1

It almost felt like any normal day. I woke up excited. I was prepared. I had everything I needed.

Tips, tricks, and must-have travel items for your next adventure.

The more I travel the more I’ve been trying to do two things: eliminate clutter; and acquire multi-functional, travel-friendly items.

This became imperative when I had the opportunity to go on tour with a musician in Europe. Fifteen cities in 21 days with five flights and six people in a van means it’s time for consolidation.

The more I travel the more I notice that a lot of people don’t have a clue how to do what I’ve just described. (Frankly, I’m shocked some people can even find the airport, let alone get through it without hurting themselves.) I’m here…

How we get our protein, and other questions answered.

I’ve been a vegetarian for about four years as of this writing. Those who know me best are very used to it by now and, living in a big city, it’s usually a non-issue. However, I recently travelled back home to Pennsylvania and Ohio (the carnivorous Midwest / Northeast) to visit family and friends, and found myself having the same conversations over and over.

While veganism and vegetarianism are more socially accepted than they used to be, I’m frequently surprised at the general lack of knowledge surrounding these lifestyles. This is largely our own fault — diet-restrictive people from pescatarians…

A letter of agreement is necessary… but it doesn’t need to be big and scary.

Ah, the dreaded client contract. While it may be daunting, a legally-binding letter of agreement between you and someone for whom you are doing work is vitally important.

Yes, the mention of drafting a legal document frequently causes ulcers and aneurysms… but it doesn’t need to.

First, a contract is just for a worst-case scenario, and will likely only be used if someone is in serious breach — both you and the client hope you’ll never need it. Second, all the contract needs to do is establish some key terms so no ones gets shafted. (That’s a legal term.)


“To labor in the arts for any reason other than love is prostitution.”
— Steven Pressfield,
The War of Art

A friend and I were recently discussing artistic integrity. I had taken a job that paid well even though it didn’t feed me creatively at all. I wasn’t struggling with the decision — I had come to the conclusion that as long as a well-paying job is relatively easy and doesn’t take too much time away from passion projects, I’ll take on as many as I need to. His response was somewhat in agreement, though it made me think (as…

What are you doing? What do you REALLY want to be doing? If the answer isn’t the same, reevaluate.

People talk about being multi-hyphenates. This is common among artists. They call themselves one thing (some form of artist), but spend a majority of their time and energy doing another (something that makes more money than an artist). These people don’t focus on the art; they make the art a side hustle — even when they say it’s the art that drives them.

No one ever rose to the top of their craft by making it a side hustle. So why would you kid yourself? I ask… because this was me.

What did/do you want to do?

The common saying goes, “People who can’t do teach.”…

Earlier this year I wrote 6 Lessons From Improv That Apply To Life. Now I thought I’d narrow the focus a bit. Here are six lessons that apply to relationships.

1. Communication Using “Yes, and…”

This is the first (and, depending on who you ask, the only) rule of improv. “Yes, and…” means that you acknowledge what your scene partner said as true, and then build upon it.

In improv they throw around the word “agreement” a lot; however, this doesn’t mean you need to agree in a relationship all the time. Can you imagine saying “yes, and…” to your partner in every circumstance? The…

From Flickr to MNDFL to The Weeknd, brands are selling off vowels like an alternate reality version of WHL F FRTN.

Maybe you’ve noticed a trend over the last couple of years. New companies, apps, and musical acts are popping up with goofy looking names. Take one good scroll through Instagram and you’ll be marketed a new product that has a simple enough name when you say it out loud… but isn’t spelled with any vowels. (I have a shipment of MUD\WTR on its way to my house right now.)


Every even-slightly-common domain name has been taken, and every feasible company name has been trademarked. What’s a brand to do? …

We won’t truly understand the journey until we’ve taken it… but let’s try.

Life is about the journey, not the destination. It’s a quote used for self-help, mindfulness, and as a pick-me-up if you don’t accomplish a goal; it’s been attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson (among others); artists from Miley to Aerosmith have sung about it; it’s on every millennial Pinterest board titled “Quotes To Live By.” Overused though it may be, when it comes down to it, it’s a simple platitude that many seekers of “meaning” have found to be true.

Life is indeed about the journey. The funny thing — the ultimate cosmic joke — is that we won’t truly understand…

This is going to be a practical exercise. A meta post if you will. Because I wrote this while I was in a very negative emotional place. (I edited it and wrote this intro in a much better mindset.)

This isn’t the time or place to get into any great detail about my personal experience with depression. It exists. And it tends to creep in every once in a while. It can last a day or two, or it can last over a week. I retreat inwards, shutting out much of the world, and I feel lethargic. I get overly…

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I’m a freelance designer and actor who writes about all sorts of things pertaining to life, business, art, and more.

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